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Completed Projects

Contractor Clients ContactNumber Email Type of Services Provided (Brief) Description Area inside kingdom / international Project Start Project Ends
TAMIMI/ NEOM OXGON Earth Works RCCMU, Internal plaster & Paint of squash court NEOM Oct '22 Dec '22
ARAMCO Prepration of Well Pad, Construction fo Road Work etc., At System B Project Turaif, Saudi Arabia Jan '17 March '17
ROYAL COMMISSION 0580150021 I.Fahim@alayuni.com Site Development of RC (Al-ayuni) downstream Porject Jubail, Saudi Arabia Nov '18 Mar '20
WASIT GAS PROJECT Civil Work for 18" Utility Pipeline inside Wasit Gas Plant Wasit, Saudi Arabia Jan '18 Jun '18
SATORP 0545593790 limingdong@wison.com KBR / SATROP / WISON / 18161 - S19 001 Civil & electrical work inside the SATORP Plant JUBAIL, SAUDI ARAB May'19 June '19
TASNEE Civil work etc. inside the Tasnee plant Jubail, Saudi Arabia June'20 Aug 20
MARAFIC Dewatering and Sheet Piling in Marafic Pump Station PS-56A (Manar Arabia) Jubail, Saudi Arabia July '20 Aug '20
Tecnimont/ APOC Asphalt Works at Access Control Area and Contracting Parking Bay Jubail, Saudi Arabia Dec '22 Jan '23